About the project

We are the students from ŠC Srečka Kosovela Sezana and we are working on the project Srečko v vesolju once again. Driven by desire to learn and improve, we have decided to upgrade the project that was sucessfully carried out between 2012 and 2015.  Our main goal is to create an atmospheric probe equiped with helium baloon, parachute and various sensors. We also plan to build in a camera in order to observe its flight and descend. The probe is going to be sent aproximately 35km high – in the middle of an atmospheric layer called stratosphere. After the descend we are going to gather the measurements and information in order to eventually present it.

Our mentors are Uroš Borjančič, Črt Gorup, Tilen Čeh, Rok Grmek, Tadej Marušič, Klemen Moderc, Andraž Brožič, Andrej Nabergoj and Dejan Kovšca. Each and every one of the participants was given a specific task to carry out.

The project allows us to combine various skills in nature sciences, mostly physics, electrical engineering and information science. It is estimated to take up the whole school year of 2017/18.